Culinary characteristics of new selections of sweet potato

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Martin, F. W., & Beauchamp de Caloni, I. (1987). Culinary characteristics of new selections of sweet potato. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 71(4), 365–372.


Thirteen new sweet potato selections differing in sweetness were tested for suitability when mashed, baked, or fried as chips or french fries. They were rated by two trained investigators and in the case of mashing, by a trained taste panel. The sweet potatoes were of high quality for most uses. However, non-sweet selections were more suitable for trying than for baking. Mashing of boiled sweet potatoes enhances appearance and texture. Among non-sweet sweet potatoes, SPV 70 was rated highly, SPV 65 intermediate, and SPV 52 as the poorest of the group. Specific sweet potato selections were often found more useful for one purpose than for another.


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