Degreening of Red Spanish pineapple after field heat removal

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Guadalupe-Luna, R., Beauchamp de Caloni, I., & Chao de Báez, C. (1991). Degreening of Red Spanish pineapple after field heat removal. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 75(1), 37–42.


Red Spanish pineapple mature green fruits, were selected from the Land Authority's pineapple program and taken to the Food Technology Laboratory for a study of degreening. Field heat was removed for 24 h at three different temperatures: 45° F (7° C) in a controlled temperature and humidity chamber, 68° F (20° C) in a ripening room, and 78 - 82° F (26 - 28° C) in an open room. After 24 h, a l l the fruit were placed in the ripening room where either 1 or 2 doses of ethylene were applied. Fruits were then maintained in this ripening room for another 24 h after each application. After this procedure, the fruits were stored at 45° F and 75 - 8 5% humidity for 5 days, observed and analyzed. One additional group of 30-40 fruits was used as control and held without ethylene treatment at 45°F (7° C) in a controlled temperature and humidity chamber. Ethylene treatments did not affect the overall quality of the fruits, but increased the intensity of shell yellow color irrespective of the number of ethylene shots and the precooling temperatures. Fifty-nine percent of the control samples that were held without any ethylene application remained green. The storage of pineapple for 3 additional days at 68° F following the 45° F storage, made it possible for fruits to reach the yellow color (Full index) no matter the number of ethylene shots applied. This study indicates that mature green Red Spanish pineapples can be treated with ethylene gas before exportation to assure removal of the shell green pigment, thus making them more attractive to potential consumers.


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