Las 10 mejores estrategias para crear organizaciones irresistibles
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Norlin, E. (2022). Las 10 mejores estrategias para crear organizaciones irresistibles. Acceso. Revista Puertorriqueña De Bibliotecología Y Documentación, 16 págs. Recuperado a partir de


During the era of the “Great Resignation,” organizations are taking a closer look at how to create healthier, more productive and engaged workspaces. When employees feel like they are heard, when they know they can bring their full and true self to work, when they believe that they belong, and when they feel encouraged to stay and grow, most of the time they will do just that.   For the library profession, what can we learn from organizations which have intentional strategies to provide employees competitive pay and healthy engaging and thriving work cultures? The key question we discuss is, “Why do some organizations flourish while others feel stagnant, dysfunctional, overworked and chaotic?” Ms. Norlin goes over best practices and emerging post pandemic trends, along with the simple to complex strategies successful companies use to elevate their organization.

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