Gestión de cambio en el lugar de trabajo: Estrategias para implementar cambios en su organización con éxito
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Kokke, E. (2022). Gestión de cambio en el lugar de trabajo: Estrategias para implementar cambios en su organización con éxito . Acceso. Revista Puertorriqueña De Bibliotecología Y Documentación, 25 págs. Recuperado a partir de


The way the world  is changing due to digitization is influencing  daily work in all sectors. This change  also impacts  libraries, museums and archives, as the ongoing digitalisation of information services have led to  transformations in their working environment. 

Change is difficult, especially if the change involves reviewing working methods that have been in place for a sustained period. Frequently,  projects on renewal and improvement of services and workflows are not as successful as we hope, and might be considered as a failure if the stated goals are not accomplished. The reason for the failure? Most of the times it is the lack of willingness or ability of people to change. The solution for success? Knowing your organisation, your team and effective communication about the expected changes. 

In this interactive workshop, the participants will learn strategies on how to measure the ability of an organisation or team to change their operational model. Participants will work on gaining clear insights into their level of acceptance of change within the organisation. The workshop will also provide tips and recommendations on how to tackle the biggest issues in change management and communication.


At the end of this workshop participants have improved their abilitities to prepare their team or organisation for change. Preparation will lead to a better understanding and awareness of the need and importance of the proposed change.  This means less resistance and more willingness to change with the organisation. In the end this will help you to succesfully introduce changes to your organisation!

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