Gestión de cambio y construcción de resiliencia en las cibliotecas del Caribe
Portada Actas ACURIL 2022/Proccedings 2022

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gestión de cambio

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Ganessingh , R. . (2022). Gestión de cambio y construcción de resiliencia en las cibliotecas del Caribe . Acceso. Revista Puertorriqueña De Bibliotecología Y Documentación, 21 págs. Recuperado a partir de


The time has come for Caribbean libraries to take urgent action and implement change. The management. Specifically, change management is more important than ever and has to be the catalyst for change for libraries to operate in the current dynamic unstable environment with the ubiquitous impact of the global pandemic. Additionally, the resilience framework has to be ingrained in the culture to strengthen an individual and organization. Moreover, libraries need to prepare, respond to and navigate abrupt disruptions.

Against this backdrop, the poster presentation makes the case and brings to the spotlight, resilience interwoven with effective change management strategies, strengthening processes and library systems. The trajectory to library success is cultivating resilience and into the change management roadmap for survival and growth.

The presentation argues that shaping a resilient individual and organization is key to cope with the chaotic interruptions in the library ecosystem. Pitch effective change management strategies to embrace communication, vision and leadership, training and organizational alignment. 

 Building resilience is vital to embed in a roll back plan for a two–way door decision making process. Likewise, for standardization of routines in the hybrid work environment, adjusted and updated disaster recovery plans and core library services that triggered digital offerings for service continuity. Therefore, the key purpose of the presentation is to harness resilience into effective change management and being proactive.

Resilience and change management reinvigorates Caribbean libraries. Envisioning the future and redefine library services to serve library users better and ensure business continuity.   

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