Medios sociales como agentes efectivos de cambio durante sobrecargas de información
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Kokke, E. (2022). Medios sociales como agentes efectivos de cambio durante sobrecargas de información . Acceso. Revista Puertorriqueña De Bibliotecología Y Documentación, 63 págs. Recuperado a partir de


Workshop June 7, 2022

11-12 pm

Social media is not a  new phenomenon for libraries, museums and archives. Information specialists have been effectively using this media to create content, connect and communicate with their communities. The impact and influence  of Social Media grew exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when there was a heavy reliance in all sectors on using online communication to proactively promote  products and services. This growth in Social Media and other forms of online communication and the simultaneous increase in the amount of  messages generated means that it is very difficult to get noticed in this time of Information Overload. Information Overload is not likely to disappear soon! This will continue to be a challenge for libraries, museums and archives, especially  in the post COVID environment which requires a hybrid presence – face-to face and online. 

 In this changing environment, how do we, as information professionals,  ensure that the right people see the intended posts? How do we stay relevant in a competitive environment? How do we maintain engagement with existing clients while attracting a new target audience? How do we communicate our message effectively? This interactive workshop will provide answers to each of these questions. 

During this interactive workshop, participants will learn the characteristics of the most relevant social media platforms,  how to use these platforms effectively by selecting the right media for the right target audience with the right type of content. The goal is for participants to gain valuable  insights in creating content with added value and effectively market this content to promote  products and services to targeted audiences.

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