The Carotenoid Pigments of White-fleshed Sweet Potatoes

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Martin, F. W. (1983). The Carotenoid Pigments of White-fleshed Sweet Potatoes. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 67(4), 494–500.


Carotenoid pigments of 14 white-fleshed sweet potatoes were found to consist of phytofluene, ζ-carotene, neurosporene, and, ß-zeacarotene. These are precursors of beta-carotene, the principal carotenoid of normal orangefleshed sweet potatoes. Green color of cooked sweet potatoes was associated with an epoxide of the above carotenoids that is blue in acidic solution. Sweet potatoes that are yellow are milder in flavor than orange sweet potatoes, yet still are somewhat active as provitamin A.


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