Cooking of Winged Bean Seed

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Ruberté, R. M., & Martin, F. W. (1978). Cooking of Winged Bean Seed. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 62(4), 321–329.


Dried winged bean seeds were prepared for eating by five techniques: boiling, boiling after treatment with sodium bicarbonate, boiling and mashing to prepare a soup, boiling and frying, and by preparation of vegetable curd. Varieties differed in imbibition of water and in softening after boiling. All that were not treated with sodium bicarbonate retained a harsh, nutty flavor. Treatment with sodium bicarbonate increased imbibition, reduced cooking time, and eliminated harshness. Flavor of boiled beans improved by mashing and recooking them in a soup. Boiled, fried beans were sometimes acceptable as snacks. Vegetable curds were disagreeable in appearance and strong in flavor. Thus, boiled winged beans are best used as soup or fried. In contrast, beans treated with sodium bicarbonate are more useful as a typical boiled-bean dish.


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