Corn Variety Trials on a Eutrustox in Puerto Rico

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Spain, G. L., Nightengale, S. P., & Badillo-Feliciano, J. (1982). Corn Variety Trials on a Eutrustox in Puerto Rico. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 66(3), 223–234.


Four corn (Zea mays L.) variety trials were conducted during 1976-78 at the Isabela Agricultural Experiment Substation near the northwest coast of Puerto Rico. The Pioneer brand hybrid X304C ranked highest in three experiments with yields of 9, 782, 3,962 and 8,998 kg/ha of 15.5%-moisture grain, and was second only to X5800 (6,559 kg/ha) in a fourth trial with 5,856 kg/ ha. Other leading hybrids were X304A, X304B, X306B, X105A, H638 and H652. While certain hybrids and local open pollinated varieties yielded significantly less, grain yields among the top ranked entries in each experiment were not significantly different.


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