The Use of Calcium Carbonate on Distillery Yeast Preservation

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Murphy, N. F., & de González, I. M. (1973). The Use of Calcium Carbonate on Distillery Yeast Preservation. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 57(3), 203–210.


A simple and efficient method is described for the preservation of yeasts in liquid molasses media. The technique involves the addition of calcium carbonate to the medium either prior to yeast inoculation or after cessation of growth. After undergoing different periods of storage, the properties of the yeasts were checked both by microscopic observation and by fermentation tests. The results showed that yeasts stored under the conditions described remain viable and suitable for use in fermentation for at least 18 months. Improved storage life of distillery yeasts has been achieved without loss of fermentative power.


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