Maturity Pattern of 28-Bushy Pigeon Peas

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Benero, J. R., Acevedo, E., Ortiz, H., & Rodríguez, A. J. (1980). Maturity Pattern of 28-Bushy Pigeon Peas. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 64(4), 400–406.


The maturity pattern of 2B-Bushy pigeon peas when planted at Isabela and Fortuna Substations was studied. The canning size yields and the canned pack grade were determined throughout the production stage. Maturity curves and the canned pack grades at several points in the curves are presented. At the peak of the curve the canning grade was either A or B, with the alcohol insoluble solids content ranging from 21.12 to 29.19%. Beyond an alcohol solids content of 30.0%, only C or substandard canned peas could be obtained.


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