Preparation and Canning of a Papaya Drink

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Rodríguez, A. J., & Iguina de George, L. M. (1971). Preparation and Canning of a Papaya Drink. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 55(2), 161–166.


A method was developed for the preparation of a good quality canned papaya beverage from the pulp of peeled and unpeeled fruit. Samples were prepared by passing a 1:1 mixture by weight of papaya pulp and sugar, through a stone mill and diluting with water to a 13-percent pulp content. Their flavor was enhanced by adding 0.4 percent of sliced ripe West Indian lime before its pasteurization. The preparations were adjusted to 15° Brix, and the pH to 3.7 by adding citric or malic acid, then pasteurized at 190° F. and canned. The keeping quality of the beverage samples stored at 85° F. was determined through sensory evaluation using a 9-point hedonic scale and a +2, —2 rating scale and by chemical analyses at regular intervals. The samples prepared from peeled and unpeeled fruit showed excellent quality throughout the year of storage at 85° F. Three acceptance tests were conducted, one locally and two in the United States, to determine consumers' reaction to this type of papaya drink. Locally, almost 85 percent of the 125 opinions collected rated the product as "acceptable". In a test conducted in Miami, Fla., 90 percent of the 500 opinions collected appraised the drink as "acceptable." Samples also were evaluated to determine consumer acceptance of this papaya beverage at Clinton, Iowa, a typical American community unfamihar with papaya products. Results indicated a rather low acceptance of the papaya drink.


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