Performance of new tropical pumpkin genotypes under varying cultural practices


Tropical pumpkin
Cucurbita moschata

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Wessel-Beaver, L., Román-Hernández, O., & Flores-López, L. E. (2006). Performance of new tropical pumpkin genotypes under varying cultural practices. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 90(3-4), 193–206.


New tropical pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Duchesne) genotypes were evaluated for yield, flesh (mesocarp) color, pest resistance and seed production as compared with the standard cultivar Soler in six field trials at three Puerto Rico locations during a two-year period (2003-2005). Genotypes included an open-pollinated population (PRShortvine-1) and four lines (E0305-1, E0305-2, E0305-3 and E0305-4) with a semi-bush growth habit, as well as a new long-vine open-pollinated population (PRLongvineSLR). Various within-row (0.9- and 1.9-m) and between-row (1.9- and 3.8-m) planting distances were tested. Not all genotypes nor planting distances were included in each trial. PRLongvineSLR was partially resistant to the melonworm (Diaphania hyalinata), whereas lines E0305-1 and E0305-2 were very susceptible. These same lines, as well as PRShortvine-1, were also susceptible to downy mildew, Pseudoperonospora cubensis. All genotypes produced similar yields. Within-row planting distance generally had no effect on fruit weight, fruit number and yield. All new genotypes had good flesh thickness (>4 cm) and small fruit cavities. Flesh color of PRShortvine-1 and PRLongvineSLR tended to be more orange than that of Soler. Lines E0305-3 and E0305-4 had poor seed production, whereas seed production in fruits of PRShortvine-1 and PRLongvineSLR was similar to that of Soler. Despite some shortcomings, PRShortvine-1 and PRLongvineSLR are two advanced open-pollinated populations that should be considered for formal release on the basis of their field performance, good fruit quality and ability to produce profitable amounts of seed in a seed production program.


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