Green-shell bean production in Puerto Rico at different planting dates

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Beaver, J. S., & Román-Hernández, O. (1994). Green-shell bean production in Puerto Rico at different planting dates. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 78(3-4), 131–136.


Field experiments were conducted at the Isabela and Fortuna substations during a 4-year period to measure the whole pod and green-shell yields of five white-seeded bean genotypes planted at different dates. Results from this study show that green-shell beans can be produced in Puerto Rico over a wide range of planting dates. The greatest yields were produced when beans were planted from October to December. Results from a yield stability analysis show that whole pod yields tended to be lower and more variable when beans were planted during the warm and humid summer months. However, higher prices during the summer help to offset the greater risk associated with green-shell bean production during this time of year. The variety Arroyo Loro had the greatest overall yield and the most yield stability. Early maturity and disease susceptibility contributed to the poor yield stability of the variety Cuarentena. Since whole pod yield was positively and highly correlated with green-shell yield, whole pod yields can be used by bean researchers to predict green-shell yield.


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