El poder de la línea de lectura continua: Presentación de BoekStart y The Library in School en el Caribe
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Langendonk, A. . (2022). El poder de la línea de lectura continua: Presentación de BoekStart y The Library in School en el Caribe . Acceso. Revista Puertorriqueña De Bibliotecología Y Documentación, 19 págs. Recuperado a partir de https://revistas.upr.edu/index.php/acceso/article/view/20633


June 6, 2022

Following the example of The Continuous Learning Line (which views education as a continuous process, regardless of the boundaries within and between parts of the system), the Dutch Reading Foundation has developed The Continuous Reading Line 0-18, in which it has set out its vision with regard to reading promotion for this age group. The main reading promotion programs BoekStart (Bookstart) -  children 0-4 - years and de Bibliotheek op school (The Library in School) - for children 4-12 and 12-18 years - are following this line. Educated librarians from public libraries are active in supporting (e.g. composition of collection and reading activities) youth health care institutions, day care centers and primary and secondary schools. The programs are carried out by nearly all Dutch public libraries within over 6.000 institutions.

We like to ensure that all children and adolescents (also from families with poor reading and language skills) familiarize themselves with books by participating in reading promotion activities. The Ongoing Reading Line is also intended to ensure that children do not experience difficulties when transferring from preschool to primary school or from primary to secondary school, or from secondary to vocational education. For the low literate families we have special reading promotion programs in The Netherlands like The Reading Aloud Express and The BoekStartcoach (within health care centers). 


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