Museos para todos: Proyecto piloto
Portada Actas ACURIL 2022/Proccedings 2022

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Museo Marítimo de Curazao

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The mission is the historical awareness of the population and visitors of Curaçao through our museums, to enrich it and make it more accessible to a wider audience.  This pilot project consists of the implementation of a scalable all-in-one technology to enhance the museum's range of activities digitized in an App. The app allows visitors to access the museum collections, exhibitions, and content, both on-site and off-site. Audio guides lead visitors on a journey through captivating multimedia content. It will be offered in multiple languages, including Papiamento, Dutch, English, and Spanish (Expandable in the future with more languages). The content is also offered in more than 1 complexity so that the content becomes interesting and understandable for different target audiences. The app also offers the opportunity to be more inclusive for the community by anyone with visual challenges, ALS signal tours for hearing-impaired audiences, and the elderly in their homes.

For this pilot project, we have chosen two museums, a rather larger one, The Curacao Maritime Museum, and a smaller one, the Museum Ka'i Orgel. With this setup, the museum can continuously innovate in the future and add value to the delivered visitor.

Due to the Covid Pandemic, it is urgent for local museums to develop their organization and revise the way they showcase and distribute their content. After a thorough evaluation of this pilot project, taking into account acquired knowledge and experiences, we will expand to 20 other museums that are members of the Museums Association of Curacao. 

This Pilot project will start in June 2022 and is projected to end in February 2023.

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