Dried Condensed Molasses Solubles in Complete-Type Diets for Growing Beef Heifers

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Soldevila, M., & Latorre, J. R. (1982). Dried Condensed Molasses Solubles in Complete-Type Diets for Growing Beef Heifers. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 66(4), 278–281. https://doi.org/10.46429/jaupr.v66i4.7676


The nutritive value of dried condensed molasses solubles (CMS) was evaluated in 16% CP complete-type diets for growing Charbray heifers in two studies. The diet contained 50% ground hay of tropical grasses, 15% tuna fish meal, 10% cane molasses and different ratios of ground corn and CMS. In both studies, rate of gain, feed efficiency and general health were used as comparison criteria. In both studies, CMS levels higher than 6% reduced the gains; CMS levels higher than 9% reduced gains more markedly. Feed conversion was decreased at CMS levels higher than 12%. No animal used in both studies, even those fed 21% dried CMS, exhibited diarrhea, as had previously occurred with broilers, laying hens, guinea hens and growing pigs when fed dried CMS levels as low as 10-15%. The general health of all animals remained excellent. The animals used the diets less efficiently as they became heavier, although the overall gains and conversion were reasonable for a feedlot operation under the climatic conditions in the arid Lajas Valley of Puerto Rico. Increasing the caloric density of diets as animals become heavier appears to be a necessity if improved utilization of feed is expected.


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