Control of Browning in Lye-Peeled Taniers

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Sánchez-Nieva, F. (1977). Control of Browning in Lye-Peeled Taniers. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 61(4), 489–500.


Browning of lye-peeled tanier tubers could not be prevented satisfactorily by preheating them for 30 minutes in water at temperatures ranging from 140 to 170° F (60- 77° C) before lye peeling at 200 to 210° F (93-99° C). Preheating increased peeling losses 50%. Dipping the lye-peeled tubers in 1% citric acid solution reduced browning to the extent that trimming could be carried out without discoloration. Sulfitation to levels of 200 p/m SO2 completely controlled the browning reaction. Sulfitation also improved the shelf life of frozen taniers stored at -10° F (-23.3° C) for 210 days, preventing the development of off-flavors and changes in color. Sulfite uptake by taniers was found to be independent of the pH of the sulfiting solution, within the range of 5.3 to 3.3. Sulfite uptake increased in direct relation ship to the concentration of sulfites in the sulfiting solution.


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