Effect of Peeling Method and Sulfitation on the Shelf Life of Frozen Green Bananas

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Sánchez-Nieva, F., & Mercado, M. (1978). Effect of Peeling Method and Sulfitation on the Shelf Life of Frozen Green Bananas. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 62(3), 241–248. https://doi.org/10.46429/jaupr.v62i3.10361


The shelf life at -10° F (-23.3 ° C) of steam-peeled, sulfited, and hot-waterpeeled unsulfited green bananas was determined. No changes in pH acidity and carbohydrates were observed during storage for about 290 days. During storage, irrespective of peeling treatment, a light change in Hunter L and b values took place indicating a slight loss in yellowness. No changes in texture were observed during storage, but tasters generally found the texture of the hot-water-peeled bananas to be softer than that of the steam-peeled fruit. Regardless of time in storage, steam-peeled sulfited samples were found inferior in appearance to hotwater- peeled samples. Browning of the inner tissue and exposed cut ends accounted for the inferior appearance of the steam-peeled sulfited samples. The flavor of the steam-peeled sulfited bananas deteriorated during storage. Hot water peeled bananas had better flavor and overall sample quality, with a shelf life of about 290 days. The changes in flavor observed in the steam-peeled sulfited samples were attributed to the action of oxidative enzymes, not to offflavors resulting from sulfitation.


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