Effect of Planting Methods and Seeding Rates on Rice Yields

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Lozano, J. M., & Abruña, F. (1982). Effect of Planting Methods and Seeding Rates on Rice Yields. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 66(3), 194–199. https://doi.org/10.46429/jaupr.v66i3.7666


Seeding rates of rice varying from 70 to 135 kg/ha did not affect grain yields produced by the Caloro variety drilled at 20 and 30 cm between rows but yields were higher with the closer row spacings. When broadcast, the Girona variety produced higher yields when seeding rates were increased from 70 to 115 kg/ha, but no further increases occurred with seeding rates up to 155 kg/ha. Seeding rates varying from 70 to 155 kg/ha had no effect on yields of the Bahía variety. Increasing seeding rates with the Brazos variety from 110 to 450 kg/ha did not affect yields, but yields were reduced with a seeding rate of 560 kg/ha. Girona seedlings transplanted 40 days after seeding yielded less than when transplanted at 20 or 30 days. Direct seeding of Girona resulted in yields similar to those obtained with seedlings transplanted 21 days after seeding.


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