Aging of high-test molasses rums

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de Torres, C. S., de Ayala, Z., & Rivera, M. I. (1987). Aging of high-test molasses rums. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 71(2), 137–158.


Maturing of high-test molasses (HTM) rums was studied through the evaluation of changes in their composition during 1 and 3 years of aging. Spirits showed continuous and significant gains in total solids, acids, tannins, color, ethyl and methyl acetates, and isobutyl and isoamyl alcohols. Propyl alcohol remained unaffected. HTM rums 96° P reported more tannins and acids and less ethyl acetate and acetaldehyde than HTM rums 127° P. Data obtained from maturing HTM rums indicate that at different stages of the maturing period, tannin extraction and acid and ester formation in HTM rums proceed differently than they occur in blackstrap molasses (BM) rums.


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