Survey of palm-associated Fulgoroidea in Puerto Rico


Potential vectors
Puerto Rico

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Segarra-Carmona, A., Franqui, R. A., & Otero-Arocho, M. (2013). Survey of palm-associated Fulgoroidea in Puerto Rico. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 97(3-4), 107–118.


We report results from a survey of palm-associated Fulgoroidea (planthoppers), following the recent discoveries of Haplaxius crudus, a known palm phytoplasma vector, and of other potential planthopper vectors in Puerto Rico. The survey, which sampled from 40 sites, resulted In the identification of 30 morpho-species belonging to eight Fulgoroidea families. The 10 most common species accounted for 93.9% of individuals, whereas near one third (n = 9) of the species were represented by single individuals. Derbids and cixiids accounted for 90% of collected individuals. The most common species were the derbids Cedusa inflata (Ball) and Omolicna puertana Caldwell, while the most common cixiids were Bothriocera undata (F.) and Oliarus complectus Ball; and the most common flatids were Petrusa epilepsis (Kirkaldy) and Melornemis antillarum (Kirkaldy). Three species are new records for Puerto Rico: the cixiids Haplaxius crudus Van Duzee and Nymphomyndus caribbaea (Fennah), and the derbid Neocenchrea ca. pallida Metcalf. Impact of polyphagy and of abundance-diversity patterns of this planthopper guild on phytoplasma epidemiology are briefly discussed.


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