Toxicity Studies on Flour Produced from Unpeeled Green Plantains

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Rahman, A. R., Berrocal, C. M., Cruz-Cay, J. R., & Rivera-Anaya, J. D. (1963). Toxicity Studies on Flour Produced from Unpeeled Green Plantains. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 47(1), 11–13.


Two groups of 11 chicks each were used in this experiment. One group was fed commercial chickenfeed, whereas the other was served a mixture of 1/3 commercial feed plus 2/3 plantain flour produced from the entire fruit, for a period of 45 days. The experiment continued in the same manner with the groups reduced to seven chicks each, for a period of 75 days. The results follow: 1. The group served commercial chickenfeed only was heavier and fatter than the other group. 2. During postmortem observations no ill or toxic effects could be observed in either group. 3. No mortality occurred during the whole experiment. 4. Organoleptic tests revealed no differences in the color or flavor of the meat of both groups.


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