Notes on tretanorhinus of Cuba and the Isle of Pines

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Grant, C. (1946). Notes on tretanorhinus of Cuba and the Isle of Pines. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 30(2), 102–117.


Little is known about Tretanorhinus from Cuba. Individual variation is so considerable that a large series and extensive collecting will be necessary before any definite picture can be formed. It appears that the number of caudals, pattern, color, preoculars, number of scale rows and possibly the sequence in which the rows are dropped have either taxonomic or sexual significance or both. There probably is a salt or brackish water form common to Cuba, the Isle of Pines and surrounding islets. This form is probably at present represented in museum collections, but unidentified. The fresh water form has doubtless speciated considerably. The genus seems to be very plastic. From our present knowledge the following forms appear to be recognizable: T. v. wagleri (Jan): fresh water of the Isle of Pines and western Cuba; a long tailed form with 21 scale row females; ten more caudals than T. v. v. T. v. variables D. & B.: fresh water from eastern Cuba; 19 rows; caudals male 70, female 54. T. gaigeae, sp nov.: a light gray spotted form, probably confined to brackish water.


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