Effect of Soil-Structure Stabilizers on the Production of Tobacco Plants in the Seedbed

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Lugo-López, M. A., Bonnet, J. A., Amy, A. S., & Pérez-Escolar, R. (1957). Effect of Soil-Structure Stabilizers on the Production of Tobacco Plants in the Seedbed. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 41(3), 189–196. https://doi.org/10.46429/jaupr.v41i3.12618


Data are presented here from two experiments on the effect of synthetic soil-structure stabilizers and filter-press cake on tobacco seedbeds. The materials used in an experiment performed in 1952-53 were: None; 25 tons to the acre of filter-press cake; and Krilium 6, Krilium 9, and Aerotil, each at the rate of 3,600 pounds to the acre of the dry powdered form. In an experiment performed in 1953-54 the same stabilizers were used with the addition of Goodrite in both the flakes and liquid forms. However, all stabilizers were applied on the basis of a 0.02-percent concentration of the active ingredient. The number of seedlings obtained from the check plots, filter-press-cake-treated plots, and Aerotil-treated plots were significantly higher than those obtained from plots treated with both Krilium formulations in the 1952-53 experiment. Significant differences were measured in the 1953-54 experiment favoring both Goodrite formulations as compared with Krilium 6, at the low rate at which the synthetic stabilizers were applied. Filter-press cake seemed effective in inducing a quicker emergence and adequate development of the seedlings.


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