A Comparison of Ammonium Sulfate and Urea as Tobacco Fertilizers

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Samuels, G., Vélez-Santiago, J., & Manzano, M. (1960). A Comparison of Ammonium Sulfate and Urea as Tobacco Fertilizers. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 44(1), 35–39. https://doi.org/10.46429/jaupr.v44i1.12104


Ammonium sulfate and urea were evaluated as nitrogen sources for growing cigar-filler tobacco in Puerto Rico. The results of an experiment on a Mabi clay at Gurabo were: 1. There were no significant differences in yield between tobacco fertilized with ammonium sulfate and urea. 2. Tobacco grown without nitrogen gave significantly lower yields than that to which nitrogen was applied. 3. The cash value per pound or per acre of cured tobacco did not show any appreciable difference that could be attributed to the two nitrogen sources used. 4. There was little or no differences in the smoking qualities of cigars made from tobacco fertilized with the two nitrogen sources, except for a whiter ash where urea was used.


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