The Flora of Desecheo Island, Puerto Rico

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Woodbury, R. C., Martorell, L. F., & García Tudurí, J. C. (1971). The Flora of Desecheo Island, Puerto Rico. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 55(4), 478–505.


The first section of this paper furnishes a discussion of the origin of the name Desecheo, notes on the geology of the Island, a chronological history of the scientific investigations conducted there and a detailed account of the different plant communities. The second section is an annotated checklist of the plants of Desecheo, representing 43 families in the Angiosperma and only one in the Gymnosperma. Of 128 plant species hereby recorded, 65 are new records for Desecheo, the remaining 63 had been mentioned previously in Britton and Wilson, Flora of Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands.


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