Review of the auchenorynchous homoptera of Puerto Rico part I cicadellidae

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Caldwell, J. S., & Martorell, L. F. (1950). Review of the auchenorynchous homoptera of Puerto Rico part I cicadellidae. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 34(1), 1–136.


The necessity for a systematic review of the Homoptera of Puerto Rico is apparent when an attempt is made to identify specimens by means of the only available publication, the section of the "Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands", relating to the Homoptera (Osborn 1935). This section lists 152 forms of which eight are definitely referred to the Virgin Islands. Scattered subsequent publications and additional plant quarantine records which are listed in "Insecta Borinquenses" and "Supplement" (Wolcott 1936 & 41) have added about 26 more forms for Puerto Rico. A recent faunistic treatment lists 28 species for Saint Croix, V. I. (Beatty 1944), and a similar treatise (Ramos 1947), includes 23 forms from Mona Island. While Mona Island is a political subdivision of Puerto Rico its fauna shows closer affinity to that of Hispaniola, therefore Mona Island will not be included in this review. On the other hand Saint Thomas, V. I., though politically separated, is ecologically related and forty records for this island are included herein even though these records were secured in four hours collecting and certainly are very incomplete.


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