Chemical Weed Control in Taniers

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Liu, L.-C., & Acevedo-Borrero, E. (1980). Chemical Weed Control in Taniers. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 64(4), 442–449.


Two herbicide experiments were conducted on a Coto clay at the Isabela Substation to screen several promising herbicides at two rates each for weed control in taniers. Taniers were found to be highly tolerant to Diphenamid. In the first experiment the highest tuber yield was obtained with the herbicide treatment consisting of Diphenamid as preemergent and Glyphosate as postemergent. Ametryn and Linuron at the two rates tested gave good preemergence weed control. Nitrofen at the lower rate was not very effective, but at the higher rate provided better weed control. Metribuzin and Fluometuron were effective but were phytotoxic at the higher rate of application. Cyanazine was ineffective at lower rate and effective at higher rate. Glyphosate applied alone, despite its being plagued by injury problem, appeared promising for postemergence weed control in tanier. DCPA, Oryzalin and Perfluidone were ineffective in this test. Handweeding treatments produced the highest tuber yield in the second experiment.


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