Sustainable energy in Puerto Rico
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Colucci Ríos, J. A., O’Neill Carrillo, E., & Irizarry Rivera, A. (2015). Sustainable energy in Puerto Rico. Revista De Administración Pública, 39(2), 67-86. Recuperado a partir de


This paper gives an overview of the most mature Renewable Energy technologies focusing on their potential implementation in Puerto Rico. It includes social, technical and economic criteria. In the latter, capital, operating costs and foot print were considered. Also sensitivity analyses were performed regarding the energy generation potential of these processes. The technologies included were photovoltaic, wind energy, fuel cells, concentrated solar power and solar thermal water heating. Other medium/long term ocean energy technologies were also discussed, including tide, waves and ocean thermal. The area of transportation fuels (gasoline and diesel) was also discussed. The last section also presents an implementation plan for these processes including UPRM capabilities and potential role in this Puerto Rican SAGA (Sol, Aire, Gente y Agua).
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