Behavior of Ten Chironja Clones at Three Sites: III. Interaction of Genotype x Environment

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Pérez, E., Pérez-López, A., Torres, C. J., & Green, J. (1981). Behavior of Ten Chironja Clones at Three Sites: III. Interaction of Genotype x Environment. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 65(3), 299–303.


Ten chironja clonal varieties were evaluated at the Isabela, Corozal and Adjuntas Substations for a 6-year period. Statistical analyses of the evaluation data provided estimates on the nature and magnitude of the variance components in 15 characteristics studied. The components of variance of some characteristics in the clonal varieties were significantly greater than those of the first and second order interactions. Of the 15 characteristics studied in the interaction of varieties x locations, only the component of variance for the scion diameter was highly significant, which fact indicates that adequate locations have to be tested in order for chironjas to be grown profitably. In the interaction of variety x location x year, the only characteristics with significant components of variance were weight of fruits per tree, Brix and citric acid content, while in the interaction of clones x years, in none of the characteristics significance was found. Explanations are advanced in the text to explain the genotype X environment interaction. The plot error variance (oe 2) was very large as compared to the genotypic components; this variance indicates that in an experiment like this one, the number of replicates should be increased.


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