Cytokinin Activity in Storage Organs of Tanier

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Radosevich, M., & Cedeño Maldonado, A. (1984). Cytokinin Activity in Storage Organs of Tanier. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 68(3), 281–287.


The radish cotyledon bioassay was used to determine levels of cytokinin activity in storage organs of taniers (Xanthosoma spp.). The material assayed consisted of a mixture of apical and lateral buds separated from mature cormels. This material was separated in fractions by solvent extraction and thin layer cromatography. Cytokinin activity was highest in the organic fraction of petroleum ether. The aqueous phase obtained after separation in this solvent showed inhibitory activity but after further specific organic extraction with ethyl acetate the aqueous phase obtained showed strong growth stimulatory activity.


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