Guinea Negro: A High-Yielding Out-of-Season Yam Cultivar

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Ramírez, O. D., Green, J. J., & Caloni, I. B. (1984). Guinea Negro: A High-Yielding Out-of-Season Yam Cultivar. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 68(2), 193–198.


Guinea Negro, a yam cultivar introduced from Jamaica, belongs to the same genus and species as Habanero (Dioscorea rotundata Poir). After various experiments it was found to be high yielding and with a shorter dormant period than that of Habanero. It can be planted out of season for high yields. When planted in October, and harvested at 7 (May), 8 (June), and 9 (July) months, it yielded 45, 50 and 53 tons/ha, respectively. Using both cultivars, that is, planting Habanero in its regular season, and Guinea Negro out of season, there would be yams on the market all year round.


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