The Reduviidae (Hemiptera) of Puerto Rico: an annotated list

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Maldonado Capriles, J. (1986). The Reduviidae (Hemiptera) of Puerto Rico: an annotated list. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 70(1), 1–7.


Thirty-one species of Reduviidae are reported from Puerto Rico. Of these, 12 are endemic, and 7 represent new records. The species are distributed in 7 subfamilies. More than 20 of these species have been collected in light traps. Search among dead leaves in humus has revealed the secluded predatory habits of Tagalis sp. and Ghilianella varicornis. Ploiaria gundlachi and Ghilianella longula, previously recorded, do not occur in Puerto Rico.


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