Shrimp shell amendment, soil fertility and tomato growth
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Lara Mártez, J., & Acosta, N. (1992). Shrimp shell amendment, soil fertility and tomato growth. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 76(1), 21–27.


The effect of shrimp shell amendment on the fertility of a sandy soil mixture, and on the growth of tomato variety Manalucie highly susceptible to nematodes, was evaluated in a greenhouse experiment. Taller and heavier tomato plants were obtained when planted 25 days after application of shrimp shell to the soil at 2 to 4% levels. This material has potential as an organic-nematicidal amendment for the control of Meloidogyne spp. Shrimp shell used as soil amendment at any of the dosages 0 to 10% v/v, or applied 5 to 35 days before transplanting, raised soil pH and increased the amount of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium in the soil. However, rates higher than 6% or applications less than 25 days before transplanting had detrimental effects on tomato plants.
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