Intercropping bean cultivars with plantain



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Liu, L. C., Rodríguez, J. A., & Ortiz, J. (1997). Intercropping bean cultivars with plantain. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 81(3-4), 151–158.


Two bean (Phaseollus vulgaris L.) cultivars, Arroyo Loro and DOR 364, and four lines, 9443-1, 9443-8, 9443-33, 9226-17, were intercropped once or twice with one cycle of plantain cultivar Maricongo at the AES-UPR Corozal substation during 1994-1995. The first cycle of beans intercropped at the time of plantain planting produced a high yield. The second cycle of beans intercropped two months before the termination of plantain harvest yielded poorly. The height of intercropped plantain plants was less than that of nonintercropped plantain plants (P < 0.05) at six months after planting. However, at 12 months, there was no height difference between them. There was no significant difference in diameter of pseudostem, nor in number of leaves, between the intercropped and the non-intercropped plantain plants. Plantain yields, in terms of number of fruits and bunch weight, were not significantly affected by the intercropping (P < 0.05). The highest net income of the intercropping treatment was derived from the first cycle of the bean line 9443-1 ($7,646/ha). This net income represents an additional income of $4,894/ha beyond that of plantain monoculture.


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