Broiler litter applications and chemical properties of highly weathered soils.


Soil chemistry—-Effect of manures on.

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Muñoz, M. A., & Chardón-Alcázar, U. (2019). Broiler litter applications and chemical properties of highly weathered soils. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 96(3-4), 129-138.


The effect of broiler litter applications on chemical properties of three highly weathered soils of different mineralogy was evaluated. The soils included in the study were Coto (very fine, kaolinitic, isohyperthermic Typic Eutrustox), Consumo (fine, mixed, semiactive, isohyperthermic Typic Haplohumults), and Corozal (very fine, parasesquic, isohyperthermic Typic Hapludults). Five broiler litter treatments (0, 5, 10, 15 y 20 t/ha) were evaluated in a Complete Randomized Block Design with four replications. The soils were incubated for two months at room temperature (23° C). Broiler litter did not increase 3+ significantly the pH of the soils; however, soil exchangeable Al decreased 3+ in all soils as a result of broiler litter applications. Exchangeable Al in Coto soil decreased from 0.21 cmolc/kg in the 0 broiler litter treatment to 0.09 cmolc/kg in the 20 t/ha treatment, in Consumo soil from 1.08 to 0.19 cmolc/kg, and in Corozal soil from 7.57 a 5.76 cmolc/kg. The treatments also increased electrical conductivity of the soils, such an effect being more evident in Coto soil. The 20 t/ha treatment increased soil electrical conductivity of Coto by 74%, whereas for Consumo and Corozal soils the increase was only 55 and 54%, respectively. Available P content in Coto soil increased from 40 mg/kg in the check treatment, to 65 mg/kg in the 20 t/ha manure treatment. In Consumo and Corozal soils no significant change in available P was observed. This finding is indicative of the high P fixing capacity of these soils. It is suggested 3+ that soil exchangeable Al in Consumo and Corozal soils is reacting with P in the manure, forming aluminum phosphates and contributing to phosphate + 2+ fixation. Broiler litter application increased exchangeable K and Mg , but 2+ 2+ not exchangeable Ca , in the three soils; exchangeable Mn increased in Consumo and Coto soils.


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