Phosphorus retention in drainage soils of commercial greenhouses


Phosphorus sorption
Organic matter

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Dumas, J. A., Chong, J. A., Cintrón, M., & Santiago, L. R. (2011). Phosphorus retention in drainage soils of commercial greenhouses. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 95(1-2), 1–14.


Five commercial greenhouses in the central mountainous zone of Puerto Rico were studied in order to identify changes in soil factors that affect P retention. Soils were collected both within and outside drainages at a 0- to 15-cm depth. Soil physicochemical properties varied in samples taken both within and outside drainages. The high Fe and Al content in the soils of this study suggested a high phosphorus retention capacity. Laboratory estimates of P retention parameters indicated differences in P sorption capacity among soils. Phosphorus retention parameters were highly correlated with citrate dithionite extractable Fe. The equilibrium P concentration was also correlated with citrate dithionate Al in soils outside drainages. This finding was due to the higher soil organic matter counterbalancing the soil P retention capability of Al, all of which indicates the importance of clearing all drainages of organic residues in order to avoid excessive movement of P outside the greenhouse premises.


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