Historical trajectory of the agricultural vocational schools in Puerto Rico
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Agricultural education
Occupational school
Historical research
Puerto Rico

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Carrión-Guzmán, J., Berríos-Rivera, R., Burgos-Carrasquillo, J., Báez-Pérez, A. J., & Colón-Rosa, Y. (2021). Historical trajectory of the agricultural vocational schools in Puerto Rico. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 105(1), 107–124. https://doi.org/10.46429/jaupr.v105i1.19641


The purpose of this investigation was to document the foundation and historical development of the three agricultural vocational schools in Puerto Rico, describe the job these schools do, learn their strengths, history and structural composition, and identify areas of opportunity. The schools under study are: Escuela Vocacional Agrícola José B. Barceló Oliver (Adjuntas), the Escuela Vocacional Agrícola Bucarabones (Toa Alta) and the Escuela Vocacional Agrícola Soller/Agron. Héctor M. Cordero Rivera (Camuy). This research was anchored in a qualitative paradigm and used the historical investigation design, taking into consideration the constitutive charters of the agricultural vocational schools, the normative documents of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico, legislative measures, government audits, recent research, press releases and agricultural censuses. The results of this research reaffirm the importance of raising awareness of the educational role that the agricultural vocational schools play in Puerto Rican society.

PDF (Español (España))


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