The Freezing of Pigeonpeas for Market

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Sánchez Nieva, F., González, M. A., & Benero, J. R. (1961). The Freezing of Pigeonpeas for Market. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 45(4), 205–216.


Studies were conducted to determine the feasibility of freezing pigeonpeas. The results obtained show that pigeonpeas can be successfully frozen for market. If the enzyme system is completely inactivated by proper blanching, no appreciable changes in flavor, texture, appearance, and intensity of off-flavor take place during storage at —10° F. for 2 years. Blanching in water at 195° F. for 5 minutes was found to be the best treatment to inactivate the enzyme system. Fully mature green peas with an alcohol-insoluble solid content of about 27 percent were found to be of better quality when frozen than more tender or overripe peas. A preliminary marketing test run in four supermarkets: two in the San Juan Metropolitan area, one in the city of Ponce, and one in the city of Mayagüez, indicated that frozen pigeonpeas offered to consumers in the off-season may be one of the best sellers among the frozen products.


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