Performance of Mosaic-Resistant Strains of Filler Tobacco

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González Molina, C. L., & Acosta Matienzo, A. (1963). Performance of Mosaic-Resistant Strains of Filler Tobacco. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 47(1), 47–53.


1. Some filler-tobacco strains resistant to both common mosaic and black shank, the two most important tobacco diseases of the Island, have been developed in a breeding program conducted at the Gurabo Substation. 2. The performance of some of the new strains tested at different locations indicates superior agronomic characters and yielding ability as compared with commercial varieties grown at present in the Island. 3. Pronounced differences were observed in the coefficient of variability among the different locations at Comerío, Aguas Buenas, Cayey, and Barranquitas, indicating an interaction between strains and locations. High coefficients of variability seem to be associated with the poor performance trials. 4. Selected strains exhibited good agronomic characters. Careful attention was given to such characters as plant type and size, leaf characters, curing qualities, and grading. 5. Additional research is underway in order to verify the performance of these new developed strains.


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