Control of the soil-inhabiting grubs of Puerto Rico

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Wolcott, G. N. (1950). Control of the soil-inhabiting grubs of Puerto Rico. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 34(4), 333–337.


Gamma isomer of benzene hexachloride is almost as effective in killing third instar white grubs (Phyllophaga spp.) in Puerto Rico as is aldrin (Hyman 118), applications of either at the rate of 2 lbs. per acre resulting in commercial control. It is much inferior in causing the mortality of just-hatched weevil grubs of Diaprepes abbreviata L., in laboratory tests, merely delaying the rapidity of development at 10 lbs. per acre. Aldrin in all tests killed all Diaprepes grubs at one-twentieth of this concentration, at 0.5 lbs. per acre. As neither the amount of gamma isomer necessary to kill Diaprepes grubs, nor the maximum amount of aldrin in soil in which they can survive was determined, the disparity in effectiveness of the two insecticides is even greater than these tests indicate.


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