The Effect of Elevation on the Sucrose Content of Sugarcane

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Lugo-López, M. A., & Capó, B. G. (1954). The Effect of Elevation on the Sucrose Content of Sugarcane. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 38(3), 128–131.


Data are presented to show the influence of elevation on sucrose yields of four varieties of sugarcane: P.O.J. 2878, B.H. 10(12), P.R. 803, and F.C. 916. An over-all examination of the data from 695 crops harvested during a 10-year period, 1939-49, disclosed that elevations higher than 10 m. above mean sea level favor high sucrose accumulation in sugarcane. This effect was more pronounced with some varieties than with others. This influence of altitude is probably a reflection of climatic effects. Data are presented to show that cane growing at high elevations within a given area, enjoys about the same benefits from sunlight, as measured by "total day-degrees", with the added advantage of cooler nights.


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