Influence of Fertilizers on the Components of Available Sucrose-Percent-Cane

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Samuels, G. (1955). Influence of Fertilizers on the Components of Available Sucrose-Percent-Cane. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 39(2), 84–91.


Using data from experiments where fertilizers had significantly influenced available sucrose-percent-case yields, the influence of the fertilizers on the various components of sugar in sugarcane were found to be as follows: 1. When sufficient potassium was present, nitrogen applications increased polarization and degree-Brix very significantly, and percent-extraction to a lesser degree. 2. A deficiency of phosphorus significantly decreased sucrose both in juice and in cane, as well as purity. 3. Potassium deficiencies produced highly significant reductions in available sugar in juice and cane, polarization, Brix, and purity. Percent-extraction was not significantly influenced by use of potash fertilizers. 4. The relative responses to the fertilizer treatments were highest for available sugar in both juice and cane, and in polarization, with degree- Brix following. Percent-extraction showed the lowest relative response to the use of fertilizer. 5. The roles of weather, soils, and variety as compared to fertilizers in influencing sugar and its components are discussed, because their effects must be distinguished from the influence of fertilizer.


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