A Review of the Auchenorhynchous Homoptera of Puerto Rico

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Ramos, J. A. (1957). A Review of the Auchenorhynchous Homoptera of Puerto Rico. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 41(1), 38–116. https://doi.org/10.46429/jaupr.v41i1.12631


This work presents a taxonomic study of the Kinnaridae, Cercopidae, Membracidae and Cicadidae of Puerto Rico. With it, the entire revision of the Auchenorhyncha of the island, as initiated by Caldwell and Martorell in 1950, with a similar treatment of the Cicadellidae and of the Fulgoroidea except the Kinnaridae, is brought to conclusion. A total of 37 species in these familes is listed from the region, with notes on their distribution, abundance and host plants. Keys are given for the identification of the species in each family. The following new genera and species are described; Oreopenes gen. n., O. luteifacies sp. n.; Quilessa collaris sp. n., Q. pellucidoides sp. n., Q. atrata sp. n., Q. nahiba sp. n., Q. heminfuscata sp. n., Q. oraria sp. n., Q. wirshingi sp. n. in the Kinnaridae; Leocomia uprae sp. n.; Asprocranites gen. n., A. variegaia sp. n.; Gaetopsis gen. n., G. juanalis sp. n.; Clastoptera martorelli sp. n. and C. diminuata sp. n., in the Cercopidae; Jibarita gen. n., J. borincana sp. n.; Nessorhinus esbelius sp. n.; Paradarnoides caldwelli sp. n.; Spathenolus gen. n., S. tridentatus sp. n.; Antillotolania gen. n., A. doramariae sp. n.; Brachycentrotus rufinervis sp. n. and Monobelus maldonadoi sp. n. in the Membracidae. The Puerto Rican fauna of the families Kinnaridae, Cercopidae, Membracidae, and Cicadidae is discussed and analyzed.


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