Canning Characteristics of the Cobre Variety Sweetpotato

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González, M. A., Benero, J., & Sánchez-Nieva, F. (1961). Canning Characteristics of the Cobre Variety Sweetpotato. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 45(2), 106–111.


The chemical composition of unprocessed roots, as well as the canning quality of the Cobre variety of sweetpotatoes was studied. Its behavior during processing, as well as the quality of the canned product, was compared with that of the U.P.R.3 variety. Unprocessed roots of the Cobre variety were found higher in moisture, reducing sugars, and vitamin C, but lower in B carotene. Recovery of roots for canning was 2.58 percent higher for the Cobre than for the U.P.R.3 variety. There was very little difference in the quality of the syrup-packed potatoes of the two varieties. Tasters displayed no preference for either variety.


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