Snap Bean-Variety Trials at the Lajas Substation

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Ramínez, O. D., & Quiñones, J. A. (1961). Snap Bean-Variety Trials at the Lajas Substation. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 45(1), 26–31.


Snap bean-variety trials were conducted at the Lajas Substation. Three different experiments were planted, one of pole beans and two others of bush beans. The five varieties of pole beans tested were Florigreen, Kentucky 191, Blue Lake 92, Blue Lake 228, and Blue Lake 231. Of the five pole varieties tested, variety Florigreen was the highest yielder. It also showed to be highly resistant to bean-mosaic and bean-rust diseases. Sixteen bush snap beans were also tested. They were Topcrop, Wade, Tender Pod, Topmost, Contender, Seminole, Bountiful, Giant Stringless, Stringless Greenpod, Improved Tendergreen, Plentiful, Tenderlong, Stringless Black Valentine, Gladess, Criolla, and Bonita. According to their yield and adaptability to the area, only four varieties look promising. They are Topcrop, Wade, Tender Pod, and Topmost. Also six lines of bush snap beans received from the Southeastern Vegetable Breeding Laboratory were tested. No significant differences were found between their yields. All six lines B-3365, B-3095-3, B-3076, B-3489, B-3125-X-5-2, and B-2567-1 look very promising, taking in consideration their yielding ability, disease resistance, pod appearance, and quality.


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