New Species of Aphidae: Homoptera from Puerto Rico

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Smith, C. F. (1960). New Species of Aphidae: Homoptera from Puerto Rico. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 44(3), 157–162.


Three new species of aphids collected in different localities of Puerto Rico are described. Acyrthosiphon bidenticola n. sp. breeding on "alfilerillo", Bidens pilosa L. and "achicoria de cabra", Erechtites valerianaefolia D. C; Amphorophora commelinensis n. sp. breeding on "cohitre", Commelina difusa Burm. f., on "achicoria", Sonchus oleraceous L., and on "wild mustard", Brassica integrifolia (West) O. E. Schulz; Hyalomyzus jussiaeae n. sp. breeding on "yerba de clavo", Jussiaea angustifolia Lam. Most of these species are present in middle altitudes of Puerto Rico from 1,000 up to 3,000 ft.


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