Establishing Sapogenin-Bearing Dioscoreas from Seed

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Delpín, H., & Martin, F. W. (1970). Establishing Sapogenin-Bearing Dioscoreas from Seed. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 54(2), 334–340.


The influence of three factors in the survival of seedlings of two sapogeninbearing Dioscorea species were tested: Season of the year to establish the seedbed, age of the plant at transplanting, and the orientation of the tuber in the soil (with orientation and stem, or without orientation and no stem). No strong or consistent differences between treatments could be demonstrated. This indicates that the farmer can develop his plantings under a flexible system, if dry-season irrigation is practiced. The planting can be adapted for mechanization by seeding tubers directly into the soil without stem and with random orientation.


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