Neem extracts on Aphis nerii behavior and papaya ringspot virus transmission


Azadirachta indica
Viral transmission
Non-persistent virus

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Hernández-Castro, E., Utrera-Landa, V., Villanueva-Jiménez, J. A., Rodríguez-Lagunes, D. A., & Ojeda-Ramírez, M. M. (2005). Neem extracts on Aphis nerii behavior and papaya ringspot virus transmission. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 89(1-2), 75–84.


The effect of neem extracts on feeding behavior of Aphis nerii, as well as Papaya Ringspot Virus (PRSV-p) transmission, was determined. We evaluated papaya seedlings sprayed under laboratory conditions with a 10% aqueous extract of unpeeled neem seed and with a water control. Two time periods, exploratory (0 to 3 min) and feeding (>3 to 20 min), were used to evaluate aphid feeding behavior. Aphid mortality was determined 24 h after spraying. Viral transmission was measured by ELISA tests. No significant differences (p > 0.05) were obtained in the exploratory feeding behavior. However, significantly more aphids (p < 0.05) stopped feeding on neemsprayed plants from the >3 to 20 min period. Also, higher (p < 0.05) aphid mortality (37% vs. 10%) was found in neem-sprayed plants. However, no significant differences (p > 0.05) were found in PRSV-p transmission, thus indicating that neem seed aqueous extracts did not prevent viral transmission.


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